Australian SmoothStar Team Rider explains SmoothStar

Ben Collison is born and bread on the surf rich coastline of Gold Coast, Australia. You can't get anymore typical "Aussie surfer" than Ben. Young, free and athletic - Ben is also a great surfer.

Ben Collison Cutback

What is most interesting, is that Ben never really liked skating, he wasn't into it. But SmoothStar is not like a skateboard, its more like surfing - perfect for Ben.

ben Maroubra NSW skatepark

Ben first came across SmoothStar from a surfer friend of his. They worked out pretty quickly how to get the best out of SmoothStar in order to help their surfing. Ben put a video together of some of his SmoothStar antics and sent it in. We were blown away with not only the critical turns he does on his SmoothStar but the amount of G-force he puts into his turns. We couldn't help but ask Ben if he wanted to join the SmoothStar as a team rider.

Ben Collison on SmoothStar Flying Fish

In between surfs, work and the Gold Coast night life, Ben is seen in the various smooth driveways and skateparks throughout the Australian Eastern coastline. Ben's favourite board in skateparks is the 32" Flying Fish, the for cruising the streets, he jumps on the 36" Cruisers.

Ben Collison Surfing

Oh and yeah, Ben can do some massive punts.

ben collison surf skate air